Concept to Completion: Game Production Stories

Creating games is an incredibly complicated process, and producers make it all run smoothly. How do you keep a team coordinated, especially when they might not share an office? How do you create and manage a schedule with so many unknowns? What project management tools and methods are most useful? Join experienced game producers from a variety of backgrounds as they discuss the unique challenges they face, and their strategies for keeping their teams productive and happy.


Syrenne McNulty is a freelance producer and QA specialist in the industry, with an expertise in working with consoles. Projects she has worked on include Evergarden, SCALE, Manifold Garden, and Defender’s Quest.

Syrenne McNulty

Producer, Freelance

Rawson Stovall is a veteran Senior Producer / Designer with over 30 years experience in the video game industry with stops at Electronic Arts, Activision, Sony, and MGM Studios. He has shipped dozens of titles that have collectively grossed over a quarter of a billion dollars and is currently the Senior Designer at Concrete Software in Edina.

Rawson Stovall

Senior Designer, Concrete Games

Zachary Johnson is the business lead, programming lead, and co-designer at Space Mace, a video game development studio in Minneapolis, MN. The studio has just finished its first game Joggernauts which is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Zachary Johnson

Tech Lead, Space Mace LLC