Where's the parser? Interactive fiction in a voice only environment

I love interactive fiction, and I was given an amazing opportunity to create one for the echo kids edition. I learned a ton and made a myriad of mistakes and from them gained a better understanding of UI design for voice. I want to share my experience of designing for voice only interactive fiction as well as the technical aspects in creating an Alexa skill. Hopefully, by sharing my experience, you’ll be better equipped to create your own stories and avoid the pitfalls I ran into. 😉

Attendee Takeaways

Attendees will learn about planning and designing interactive fiction for a voice-only platform. They will also learn the basics, gotchas, and the foundational knowledge to get started with creating an interactive fiction Alexa skill. All experience levels welcome.

Adia Alderson is a Software Engineer at Capstone Publishing where she works on educational software for schools and libraries. In her free time, she enjoys writing interactive fiction as well as learning the different engines/scripts such as Twine, Inform 7, ink, choicescript, and ren’py.

Adia Alderson

Software Engineer, Capstone Publishing