This year, New Dimensions will be showcasing Alternate and Virtual Reality experiences.  Explore highly immersive worlds and interact with games on a new level.  We’ll have several stations demoing a variety of games and genres across the virtual space. Come see a glimpse of the future of gaming.   

The Conspirators

Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, The Ohio State University

The Conspirators is a networked virtual environment in which multiple players don a head mounted display and enter a small town to observe its inhabitants, meddling in an unfamiliar culture.


EarthBeat is a 4v1 VR party game focused on bringing the interactive experience of VR into the world around one head-mounted display.  One player assumes the role of an Earth giant in VR, using elastic limbs to swat, smack, and fight off an opposing team of four fighter pilots waging an assault on the creature. EarthBeat is built in Unity and designed for room-scale play with 1 HTC Vive and couch play with 4 Xbox controllers and a 4-way split-screen on one monitor.

Rick and Morty VR

Developed by Owlchemy Labs | Published by Adult Swim Games

Come check out a demo of Rick and Morty VR!  Experience life as a clone of Morty and all the trauma that comes with it. Step through portals to strange worlds, help Rick with his bizarre experiments, and use your hands in VR to pick up and play in an interaction-filled 3D Rick-ality. Follow Rick’s directions (or don’t!) to solve puzzles and complete missions in this fully voice acted adventure.


Snowman Builder VR

Gasket Studios

Who doesn’t like building snowmen? And who doesn’t like VR? Putting them together just makes sense. We’d be stupid NOT to do this!

Space Music VR

Sara Ferret

Explore an alien landscape filled with strange structures. Climb all over the terrain and discover colorful mists that generate music. Teleport your way to the top and see it all from the secret hideout. (Google Cardboard VR)