SpeedTalk is a series of bite-size presentations given by members of the community- that means you! Each speaker will have exactly 5 minutes and 10 slides to tell their story and share their ideas

Keep in mind that these micro-presentations will go by fast. To keep things moving, each slide will stay up for exactly 30 seconds before automatically advancing onto the next. Enlighten and engage us, but be brief about it! Visual presentations must be in Power Point. Your 10 slides can include photos, art, text or gifs, but no audio or video.

First-time presenters are welcome and encouraged to submit a proposal. We are looking to include a variety of topics, backgrounds, gaming experiences, and areas of the industry for thirty minutes that is packed with diverse stories.

2017 SpeedTalk Presenters

“I am (not) Creative”

Akash Thakkar

Composer/Sound Designer, www.akashthakkar.com

“The Industries that Never Sleep: Why you shouldn’t feel guilty when you’re not working.”

Krista McCullough

VR Developer + Designer, Pixel Farm

“Smile Simulate: Creating Empathy through Video Games”

Jerika Eppel


The Nintendo Super Switch

Zachary Koehn

Community Manager, Low Tier Studio