Monday, October 8th

7-11pm – Minnecade // A GlitchCon Launch Party

Tuesday, October 9th

11:30am – Doors Open & Lunch Served


12:00pm – Keynote with Freya Holmer


1:00pm – Breakout Sessions Round One

  • Beyond the Tutorial: Improving Games Through Scaffolding
  • Designing & Producing Educational Games at Tpt
  • Fireside Chat with Freya Holmer

2:00pm – Breakout Session Round Two

  • The Algorithms of Evergarden
  • Concept to Completion: Game Production Stories
  • Game Design Informed by Data: Getting Started

3:00pm – Breakout Session Round Three

  • Where’s the Parser? Interactive Fiction in a Voice Only Environment
  • Designing Interactive Installations
  • Game Maker’s Guide to Grant Writing

4:00pm – Breakout Session Round Four

  • App-Integrated Board Games: Putting the “Tablet” in “Tabletop”
  • Creating Effective and Efficient Art for XR

5:00pm – Happy Hour & Public Playtesting

6:00pm – Closing Ceremony & Speed Talks

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