Gender vs. Gaming: A Discussion

An exploration of the relationship between gender and digital games with a panel of special guests from throughout the field. Panelists will share their experiences within games, how gender issues have affected their careers, and overcoming obstacles. The audience is encouraged to participate in the discussion, as well as ask questions of their own.

Kim’s work has been featured in Official Xbox Magazine, GamesRadar, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and Joystiq before joining Game Informer in 2012. She is known among fans as the RPG Queen, the Squirrel Slayer, and as the office hockey junkie.

Kim Wallace

Features Editor, Game Informer

Ashley is an artist, mathematician, and full-time game and application development instructor at the Minnesota School of Business-Richfield. She teaches courses in 3ds Max, Adobe Flash/ActionScript 3.0, and Unity/C#. Outside of teaching, she also runs a small passion studio, Mouse Potato Games, that is in the process of making a Unity/iOS game.

Ashley Godbold

Game & Development Application Teacher, Minnesota School of Business

The driving force behind Intropy Games, Lisa has worked in a software development for over ten years. Armed with a degree in computer science and design, she has the perfect combination to bring digital works of art to life. She founded Intropy Games to make super cute games that can touch your heartstrings.

Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio

Game Designer, Intropy Games

Eric takes a multifaceted approach to gaming news and reviews, mixing business analysis, cultural studies, tech and design. Eric has written for outlets like,,, and In his free time, Eric perfects his napping technique and pursues the elusive perfect cheeseburger.

Eric Frederiksen

Writer, Techno Buffalo