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Creating Games with 3D Printing, Photogrammetry, and Projection Mapping Techniques

This session will cover our research into the creation of physical and digital games using 3D printing, photogrammetry and projection mapping techniques. The motivation behind our work is to bridge player-facing experiences and developer-facing processes with real, physical components. Within our presentation, we will show examples of our research that are available and ready to play on site.

Attendees will acquire insight into how they can employ 3D printing, photogrammetry, and projection mapping techniques in their own games, artworks and pipelines.

Featured Designers

Scott Swearingen is an Asst. Prof. of Design at The Ohio State Univ. where he teaches game design. Between 2003-13 he worked in the video game industry as a game designer, level designer, and artist.

Scott Swearingen

Assistant Professor , Ohio State University

Kyoung Lee Swearingen is an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University. Prior to joining the Department of Design faculty, she worked on numerous animated feature films and shorts at Pixar Animation Studios and DNA Productions as a Lighting Technical Director.

Kyoung Lee Swearingen

Assistant Professor , Ohio State University